Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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The 32nd Amiens international film Festival will be held from the 16th to the 24th of november 2012.
This year, the program includes : 5 retrospectives, 4 homages, 4 competitive sections, panoramas & special sections, documentaries, movies to share with the whole family, preview screenings, world heritage movies restaured, events, meetings, ...


International Competition | Full length movies
A competition that comes accross all cinema boundaries. An inventory of the world and of the ways to stage it.
Several awards will be given by a professional jury, one will be given by the public

International competition | Animated short length movies
A brand new section designed to highlight the creativity and the diversity of the animated cinema wolrdwide
Both a media professional jury and the Festival public will award this selection

European competition | Short length movies
A competition that has distinguished young european authors for over a decade.
A best movie movie award will be given by a jury composed of young professionals trained at French cinema school "La Femis"

National competition | Medium length movies
The third edition of a competition that aims at promoting young french authors.
The Grand Prize will be given by a professional jury.


Raoul Peck | movie director (Haiti)

Raoul Peck is a man committed in cinema in many different ways. As a movie director, he experienced making documentaries and fictions, both short and long length, both for cinema and for television. Throughout his life, he travelled the world, from Haiti to France, from the United States to Congo or Germany. This world citizen is today considered as one of the most brillant movie maker from the Caribbean.

As a special festival guest, Raoul Peck will give us an unforgetable cinema class

Vatroslav Mimica | movie director (Croatia)

Croatian cinema history is mostly unknown.Vatroslav Mimica, a young 90 years od movie maker, started his career by making animated movies before directing fiction movies. He is for sure the best suited to show us the wonders of a history and a cinema he contributed to build.

Vatroslav Mimica will be our guest. This homage is part of our retrospective about the croatian cinema

Ricardo Aronovich | Photography director (Argentina)

Homage to a light master through ten or so long-lenght movies. Born in Argentina, Ricardo Aronovich took part to the 1960s latino cinema new waves (Manuel Antin, Hugo Santiago, Ruy Guerra). As he arrived in Europe, he began working with great movie makers such as Alain Resnais, Yves Boisset, Louis Malle, Coast-Gavras, Ettore Scola, Raoul Ruiz, ...

Ricardo Aronovich will be our guest. In partnership with the AFC (French Association of the directors of photography)

Hanna Schygulla | actress (Germany)

Homage to a "auteur" cinema icon who used to be one of Fassbinder’s muse.

Hannah Schygulla will be one of our special guest


Claude Sautet tout entier | Entire filmograhpy

Claude Sautet became an icon or perhaps even an entire genre of the great French cinema. Deceased in 2000, he is now considered as a dominant figure of the history of cinema. Claude Sautet was the kind of director who could make all kind of movies, from polars to social or sentimental chronicles. Sautet, along with Chabrol, is the director who shot- or even created- the greatest number of French movie stars. All these faces are part of Sautet’s universe, a universe we are invited to discover again thanks to this rerun of his entire filmography, which will present his works as a scripwriter as well.

Sautet’s closest work partners and actors will our guests, as well as great specialists and admirers of his movies.

A journey through the history of Croatian cinema | 1955-1981

Exploration of an unknown cinematography, composed of masterpieces, strong personalities and rediscovered movies. 15 full length movies and over 40 short length animated movies that tell us the story of the Zagreb animation school

Movie directors and croatian cinema specialists will be our guests. Coproduced by "La Cinémathèque Française". A special book will be edited for the event.

La France Technicolor | The « beur » new wave

The immigration from Maghreb to France has revitalized the French cinema. All the way from the 1970s to the coronation of Abdellatif Kechiche at the Cesar awards, several generations of movie makers, actors or scriptwriters have enriched the French society and cinema. Meanwhile they have deeply questionned, as the whole society should, the room left for immigrants in our cities and villages.

Many movie makers, actors and scriptwriters from the "beur" new wave will be our guests

British horror’s fresh blood | 2002-2012

The Brit-horror phenomeon, from The Descent to Shaun of the Dead or Severance, marks the rebirth of an underestimated genre.
Special guest : Christopher Smith (director of Creep, Severance, Triangle…).

Directors and specialists will be our guests.

Positif 60th anniversary | American Friends

Six decades. Six films. Six critics. Six ways to see and to write cinema. Six American masters promoted by « the best cinema magazine of the world », as Martin Scorsese described it. Throughout the years, we will discover again the movies of John Huston, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Sydney Pollack, Jerry Schatzberg, Woody Allen, Joel Coen, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, James Gray or Jeff Nichols.

Critics from Positif will be our guests.


Plein Sud | Documentaries and Fictions
A panorama of the best productions from the Southern hemisphere. Just like in previous editions, a country will be highlighted.

Le monde comme il va | Documentaries
A selection of documentaries which helps us having better understanding of the world. A documentary maker will be our guest and will sponsor this section.

Si j’ai bonne mémoire | Cinema heritage
Premieres, restoration and re-release of masterworks belonging to the world cinema heritage.

European animated cinemas | Short-length movies
The annual review of the creativity of the european animated short-length movies.
A spotlight will be placed on slovak cinema

EuroLab | Short-length movies
European programs of short length movies, half-way between trash and comedy.

Sex, humour & video | Short-length movies
A special evening that will kill you with laughter and pleasure.


17th Screenplay development Fund | Nov. 21st-22nd
Four grants of 10 000 euros and one grant of 7 600 euros will be given to movie projects by a professional jury.

Cinema in motion 8| Nov. 22nd
San Sebastian, Amiens and Fribourg festivals’ support mechanism towards long-length movies reaching end of shooting or post production phase.
Dedicated to movie makers from Maghreb, Arabic or portuguese-speaking African countries.

Rencontres autour de la direction de la photographie | Nov. 22nd
A master class by Ricardo Aronovich, assisted by a young photography director of his choice. Great European cinema schools will assist the event. _ In partnership with the AFC (French Association of the Directors of Photography).

Journée exploitants | Nov. 20th
Picardy’s cinemas owners and managers will be invited to a special day of previews and professional meetings. In partnership with the ACAP (Picardy Cinema Professinals Association)