Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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A Dandy in Aspic

UK – 1968

The story of a Russian counter-espionage agent, known as Eberlin to his employers in British Intelligence, where he is working undercover for Moscow as a double agent. His superiors in Britain instruct him to find and assassinate a KGB agent named Krasnevin, believed to have killed a number of British agents. Anthony Mann’s final film; he died before it was finished. Its direction was completed by Laurence Harvey.


R/D : Anthony Mann (& Laurence Harvey) • Sc : Derek Marlowe d’après son roman/from his novel • Ph/C : Christopher Challis, Austin Dempster • M/Ed : Thelma Connell • Mus : Quincy Jones • Déc/AD : Carmen Dillon, Patrick McLoughlin • P : Anthony Mann • 107’ • 35 mm • F • Coul/Col • Int/Cast : Laurence Harvey, Mia Farrow, Tom Courtenay, Harry Andrews

sat. 15 • 10h30 • OW.

A Dandy in Aspic