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BLUESY DREAM (Bless Their Little Hearts)

US - 1984

This independently produced domestic drama features a talented cast of unknowns in a story that truly needs to be seen rather than described. Nate Hardman plays a black, unemployed Watts resident. At home most of the day, Hardman gets on the nerves of his wife (Kaycee Moore) and three children. One evening, while getting some fresh air, Hardman makes the acquaintance of a welfare mother. After this, he’s not underfoot at home any more; he’s found another bed to occupy. (From Corel All- Movie Guide)

R/D : BILLY WOODBERRY • Sc : Charles Burnett • Ph/C : Charles Burnett • M/Ed : Billy Woodberry • Mus : Little Esther Phillips, Archie Shepp • P : Billy Woodberry • 82’ • 35 mm • F • N&B/B&W • Int/Cast : Nate Hardman, Kaycee Moore, Angela Burnett

BLUESY DREAM (Bless Their Little Hearts)