Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Jean-Baptiste Godin, L’homme Qui Réalisa Son Utopie

France – 2005

“It’s not the reailization of the happiness that I have inaugurated; it only alleviates the suffering of the working class"; this is that what Jean-Baptiste André Godin noted in this letter dated 1866, after the universally well-known manufacturer of the late 19th century, J.- B. André Godin is still honored in Guise, a town of the Picard region, due to the invention and quality of bis heating equipments. The evocation of J.-B. André Godins humanistic work is also the opportunity to cause a reflection about the social situation typical of the beginninq of the 21th century.

R/D : Bernard Baissat • Sc : Bernard Baissat • Ph/C : Robert Millié • M/Ed : Myriam Aycaguer • S : Brice Cavallero, Pierre Cordelier • P : Productions de la Lanterne • 52’ • Beta • Doc • Coul/Col

Jean-Baptiste Godin, L’homme Qui Réalisa Son Utopie