Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Le Concile lunatique

Belgium – 2011

A young man opens the window of his attic room and discovers a lunar landscape which submerges him and threatens to imprison him in an eternal sheet of ice. He closes the windows to escape his vision and hears fromm deep inside his soul the sound of a poem being sung.

R/D : Christophe Gautry, Arnaud Demuynck • Sc : Arnaud Demuynck d’après l’oeuvre de/from the story by Jules Laforgue • Ani : Christophe Gautry • S : Johann Spitz, Jolan Fabris • Mus : Arthur H, Michel de Rudder • P : La Boite,…Productions • 12’ • HD • Ani • N&B/B&W

Le Concile lunatique