Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Burkina-Faso - 2006

A young marabout, Habib, arrived in the capital with his wife Nafi. Sibiri, a relative of the village, hosts them temporarily. Sibiri’s colleague is subject of sexual harassment from a superior. Habib helps the young woman to get out of embarrassment. Then, the husband of another colleague has big professional worries. Again, Habib comes with success. Then, the mother of a senior official of the State is ill and convicted. With Habib, the miracle happens. Gradually, the marabout’s reputation goes to private circles of the capital, until ... Habib meets President of the Republic. Habib gets into the circle of MoGo-powerful, influential dignitaries of the Republic.

R/D : BOUBAKAR DIALLO • Sc : Boubakar Diallo • Ph/C : Moussa Diakité • M/Ed : Bède M. Ganafé Mofédog-na • S : Issa Traoré senior • Mus : Solitaire • Déc/AD : Nas Mode • P : Les Films du Dromadaire • 104’ • DVD • F • Coul/Col • Int/Cast : Sidi Yougbaré, Cécile Tiaho, Eugène Bayala, Jeanne d’Arc Yaméogo, O’Gust Kutu, Delphine Ouattara

mon. 10 • 19h00 • Safran
tue. 11 • 17h30 • SLD