Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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(Fragments de vie)
Madagascar/Allemagne • 2014

Music therapy is an ancestral practice in Madagascar. Ody Aina considers the relation between music and mental illness, as long as one can define ‘mental illness’. The film follows Rajery, a physically impaired famous valiha player, who conducts musical therapy sessions at the one and only psychiatric hospital in Madagascar. Fragments of some patients’ lives.

Selection, 65th Locarno International Festival, 2012 (Open doors selection)

R/D : Laza • Sc : Laza • M/Ed : Cyril Curchod, Tany Maël • Mus : Rajery • P : Rozifilms, Weltfilm, Laza, Kristina Konrad • 75’ • Num • Doc • Coul/Col

17 nov • 14h00 • Bibliothèque Louis Aragon