Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Chile – 2005

Tristan a lonely, heartbroken man, tries to recover something he has never had; and Cristina, is the silent witness to his downfall. Cristina and Tristan both spend their summers living in a hot and polluted Santiago de Chile… Play is an urban tale that examines those small things and looks for clues as to what makes us breathe in a city that denies itself. This is the story of a man who searches, and a woman who finds.

R/D : ALICIA SCHERSON • Sc : Alicia Scherson • Ph/C : Ricardo de Angelis • M/Ed : Soledad Salfate • S : Miguel Hormazábal • Mus : Joseph Costa, Marc Hellner, Roberto Scherson • Déc/AD : Sebastián Muñoz • P : Parox S.A., La Ventura, Morocha Films, Paraíso Production Diffusion • 104’ • 35 mm • F • Coul/Col • Int/Cast : Viviana Herrera, Andrés Ulloa, Coca Guazzini, Aline Kuppenheim