Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Tanakra, voyage en terre rebelle

France – 2009

He’s a Tuareg rebel chief of the Niger Movement for Justice. At 50, he’s the same age as independent Niger mired in a new civil war. With the directo, he goes back to a rebel camp in the middle of Aïr. In the course of the journey, his historic memories illuminate the origin of the current dramatic situation while we share the daily lot of this people.

Sc : Catherine Martin-Payen • Ph/C : Catherine Martin-Payen • M/Ed : Anna Riche • S : Sylvain Girardeau • Mus : Moussa Bilalan Ag Ganta • P : Mara Films • 52’ • HD cam • Doc • Coul/Col

wed. 17 – 15h30 – MdL
thu. 18 – 18h30 – MdL

Tanakra, voyage en terre rebelle