Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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The Old man and the Sea

Russia / Canada / Japan – 1999

After many weeks of returning home to his small village, day after day with nothing in his boat, Santiago is forced to accept the other villager’s small charities. He resolves to sail far out to sea in search of a catch that will redeem his self-confidence...

Sc : Alexandre Petrov d’après le roman de/from the novel by Ernest Hemingway • Ani : Alexandre Petrov, Dimitri Petrov • Ph/C : Serguei Rechetnikoff • M/Ed : Denis Papillon • S : Antoine Morin, Marcel Pothier • Mus : Denis L. Chartrand, Normand Roger • P : Bernard Lajoie, Tatsuo Shimamura • 22’ • 70 mm • Ani • Coul/Col • Int/Cast : Gordon Pinsent, Kevin Delaye

The Old man and the Sea