Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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Une vie accidentelle


We follow the boring routine of two thirty-year old friends, employed in one ordinary state firm. One day, one of them falls in love. The two friends and the girlfriend go on a trip, where soon it becomes obvious that nothing really has changed. They have to do something else to really break the routine.

R/D : ANTE PETERLIC • Sc : Petar Krelja, Zoran Tadic, Ante Peterlic • Ph/C : Ivica Rajkovic • M/Ed : Katja Majer • S : Erik Molnar • Mus : Boško Petrovic • P : Fas – Filmski Autorski Stu- dio / Ante Deronja • 66’ • 35 mm • F • N&B/B&W • Int/Cast : Dragutin Klobucar, Ivo Serdar, Ana Karic, Zvonimir Rogoz, Helena Buljan, Stjepan Bahert, Fabijan Šovagovic

Une vie accidentelle