Festival International du Film d'Amiens 2016
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(Le retour)
Madagascar • 1973

Le Retour deals with rural exodus, the return to the land, the antagonism between two worlds: that of urban dwellers and of the rural areas deeply rooted in tradition. Ranaivo lives in Antananarivo. To make ends meet, he sells ice lollies. his father, Ratovo, comes to the capital to ask for his son’s help. he needs money to organize the turning of the dead ceremony. After the village celebration, Ranaivo decides to leave the capital and emigrates to the highlands where everything is open to those who want to get back to the land.

Jean Soutter Award, Festival de Dinard (France), 1974. Restauration by FL@h.

R/D : Ignace Solo Randrasana • Sc : Ignace Solo Randrasana • P : Tana Films (consortium cinématographique) • 88’ • 16mm • F • Coul/Col

15 nov • 16h00 • Petit théâtre, MCA